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BMW F40 Automatic Boot Struts

  • Install within 10 minutes
  • 12 months warranty
  • No coding required
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With these automatic gas struts, you can upgrade your vehicle with functionality that is otherwise only found in luxury vehicles.

Suitable for:

BMW 1 Series F40


The spring loaded gas struts lift assisting system opens tailgate by simply pressing a button.

This smart aftermarket lift kit provides ease of access and looks great when you are shopping.

The following functions are offered:

Ways to open your trunk: Remote controlled via the car key; From the driver's seat; From the trunk button. (front button and kick sensor may be required)
12 months warranty with each purchase

    Fitting and Installation:

    Fitting instructions included.

    Installation takes no more than 10 minutes, with zero skills required and just a flat bladed screwdriver to remove the OEM tailgate struts. 

    Package Contains:

    Set of 2pcs struts
    Installation Card
    Emerald Struts Window Sticker

    Please note - Our struts are gas loaded which is what gives the boot the ability to pop open on its own. This will cause increased stiffness upon closing the boot. This is natural and will ease off over time.

    During colder weather, the gas within the strut chamber may lose pressure causing the product to not perform to full operation. 

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    Returns & warranty

    You have 14 days to request a return for unwanted/unopened goods.
    Each order comes with 12 months warranty
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    Designed for everyday use

    Designed for everyday use

    Our automatic boot struts are designed to be practical no matter what the occasion. With super durability, catch peoples eyes & fun to use. Once you use them you'll only ask “why” — as in “why didn't I purchase these sooner?”

    Quality Craftsmanship

    Quality Craftsmanship

    Crafted with precision in the United Kingdom, Emerald Struts are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that each strut is built to last. With Emerald Struts, you can trust that your investment will stand the test of time.

    Effortless Installation

    Effortless Installation

    Forget about complicated installations or the need for coding knowledge. Emerald Struts are designed to be plug-and-play, meaning you can say goodbye to the hassle of traditional boot struts. With our user-friendly installation process, you'll have your automatic boot struts up and running in no time.

    Instant upgrade

    Instant upgrade

    Enhance your driving experience with the push of a button. Our automatic boot struts transform the way you interact with your vehicle, making accessing your boot effortless and efficient. No more struggling with heavy tailgates or awkward angles – Emerald Struts deliver seamless operation every time.

    Why Choose Emerald Struts?

    Why Choose Emerald Struts?

    • Simplicity: Say goodbye to complex installations and coding headaches. Emerald Struts are designed for simplicity, making upgrading your boot a breeze.
    • Convenience: With automatic operation, accessing your boot has never been easier. Whether you're loading groceries or packing for a road trip, Emerald Struts streamline the process for maximum convenience.
    • Reliability: Our commitment to quality means you can trust Emerald Struts to deliver reliable performance day in and day out. We stand behind our products and strive to exceed your expectations with every purchase.
    About us

    About us

    Emerald Struts was founded in 2019 with a simple yet innovative mission: to revolutionise the way you open your car boot.
    We recognised the frustration many drivers face when dealing with cumbersome boot struts that require technical know-how or lengthy installations.

    Our solution? Automatic boot struts that are not only easy to install but also deliver unparalleled convenience.



    Emerald Struts are an aftermarket automotive accessory designed for the trunk or boot of a car. These struts are typically used to upgrade the functionality of a car's trunk, allowing it to open automatically with the press of a button or when activated by your OEM remote control.


    The primary function of automatic boot struts is to enable the trunk of the vehicle to open automatically. This is particularly useful when your hands are full, and you can't manually open the trunk.


    These struts are often designed to be easy to install, allowing car owners to retrofit their vehicles with this feature without extensive modifications. They require zero skills or experience and take less than 10 minutes. No drilling or cutting required. If you sell your car, you can remove these and sell them to a 3rd party. What's not to love about that?


    Emerald Struts are different to normal tailgate struts, they are spring loaded struts designed to open your boot from your key fob without lifting it manually.


    The struts internal force do not exceed the threshold of the brackets or boot lock mechanism. There is no evidence to suggest Emerald Struts can cause damage to the car or boot lock if installed correctly. We advise to check your brackets and bolts prior to installing, if they have become weak or perished over sometime, we advise to purchase replacements before installing our product.


    Due to the nature of the product being spring loaded, the struts are more powerful than OEM struts, we advise to check any boot, brackets, bolts and lock mechanism every 30 days to ensure there has not been any movement. We also advise to ensure that you clean them frequently and to ensure no dirt/rust build up occurs as this can affect the performance of your struts. We also advise to spray the stroke bar regularly with WD40 or any other similar lubricant to ensure they remain smooth as new.

    Plug & play

    Install in less than 10 minutes

    No coding

    Works using your existing key fob


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