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Warranty Information

Warranty Agreement

Important – All Products:

  • It is advisable to keep all original packaging.
  • Warranty coverage is continual from the initial date of purchase and does not restart at anytime under any circumstances.
  • This limited warranty is valid only when the product receives all necessary preventative maintenance and servicing as described in the relevant User Manual.
  • Modifications to the product will void your warranty.
  • This warranty covers machine used and operated within the UK mainland only.

Not covered by this Limited Warranty (General):

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by a lack of maintenance as described in your user manual.
  • Damage caused by accidents, impact, improper installation or storage.
  • Damage caused by water (ingestion, submersion or external water damage).
  • Damage or reduced-performance caused by operation in a marine environment.
  • Damaged caused by improper pressure or conditions contrary to the published specification.
  • Damaged due modifications of the product.
  • Damage caused by items not supplied by Emerald Struts, such as but not limited to, filters, wires, springs and accessories.
  • Damage caused by repairs not completed by Emerald Struts or without prior agreement and approval from Emerald Struts.
  • Service items, such as spark plugs, filters.
  • Wearing items such as brushes, sliders, bearings, hoses, seals, wheels, lances, batteries, cables, blades, trimmer heads and spools, straps, belts, drawer runners etc.
  • Damage caused by stale petrol or contaminated fuel.
  • If the product is used for commercial or for-profit purposes (unless covered by a Commercial Warranty).
  • Warranty is instantly void for any products that are fitted to models that are not listed as compatible on our product pages. 

Not covered by this Limited Warranty (Gas Struts):

  • Damage caused by failing to following the installation instructions provided.
  • Damage caused by failing to following the adjustment instructions provided (Adjustable Gas struts only).
  • Damage caused by tooling or marking the piston rod in any way.
  • Damage caused by neglecting to keep the strut away from moisture, dirt and dust.
  • Damage caused by lubricating / greasing / oiling a strut (unless specifically instructed to by someone from Emerald Struts).
  • Damage caused by failing to equally distribute weight between struts.
  • Damage caused by failing to screw end fixings all the way in.
  • Damage caused by gripping, scratching, chipping, bending, wetting, soiling or painting the gas strut.
  • Damage caused by cycling a strut more than 5 times per minute.
  • Damage caused by over-extending or over-compressing a gas strut.
  • Gas struts must be replaced or installed as a pair to prevent voiding of the warranty - this is because the force between a pair of struts must be kept equal to prevent side loading and premature failure of the gas strut.
  • Gas struts may not perform to full operation during cold weather, this is due to temperature drops & loss of pressure within the strut chamber.  
  • Our automatic gas struts may cause the boot harder to close than factory fitted (OEM), this is due to more pressure inside the gas chambers.

    Products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a time period as described in your warranty agreement and advertised on a product by product basis. The duration of the warranty is calculated from the original date of purchase. This limited warranty guarantees that any defective parts will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Emerald Struts.

    Domestic Warranty

    Limited Warranty, providing parts, labour and return carriage for the first year and parts only for the remaining warranty length. Warranty period is effective as of the date of purchase. If the product is used for commercial or for-profit purposes, your warranty will be invalidated.

    Return Procedure

    1. In the event of a product failing, your first course of action should be to contact Emerald Struts at
    2. Within 6 months of purchase date: Once the fault has been established and deemed impossible to be solved on site, Emerald Struts will arrange for collection of the item at cost to the customer. This will be refunded in full if the item is found to be faulty.

    Parts only supply:

    1. If a suspected faulty item can be repaired on site we may send out replacement parts under the terms of the warranty. To achieve this we must have photographic evidence of the faulty part / damaged area, clearly highlighting the defect or by having the part returned to us.
    2. If we are to send out a new part before we have either the faulty part or photographic evidence we will charge for the new part. When we receive the faulty part back we will test the part, if the part is found to be faulty due to a manufacturing defect we will then refund the purchase price and shipping of the replacement.