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UP TO 20% OFF ENDING SOON! | Free UK Shipping When You Spend £100+ 🚚 12 Months Warranty With Every Purchase
UP TO 20% OFF ENDS SOON | Free UK Shipping When You Spend £100+ 🚚


Important – All Products:
  • It is advisable to keep all original packaging.
  • Warranty coverage is continual from the initial date of purchase and does not restart at anytime under any circumstances.
  • This limited warranty is valid only when the product receives all necessary preventative maintenance and servicing as described in the relevant User Manual.
  • Modifications to the product will void your warranty.
  • This warranty covers machine used and operated within the UK mainland only.
Not covered by this Limited Warranty (General):
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by a lack of maintenance as described in your user manual.
  • Damage caused by accidents, impact, improper installation or storage.
  • Damage caused by water (ingestion, submersion or external water damage).
  • Damage or reduced-performance caused by operation in a marine environment.
  • Damaged caused by improper pressure or conditions contrary to the published specification.
  • Damaged due modifications of the product.
  • Damage caused by items not supplied by Emerald Struts, such as but not limited to, filters, wires, springs and accessories.
  • Damage caused by repairs not completed by Emerald Struts or without prior agreement and approval from Emerald Struts.
  • Service items, such as spark plugs, filters.
  • Wearing items such as brushes, sliders, bearings, hoses, seals, wheels, lances, batteries, cables, blades, trimmer heads and spools, straps, belts, drawer runners etc.
  • Damage caused by stale petrol or contaminated fuel.
  • If the product is used for commercial or for-profit purposes (unless covered by a Commercial Warranty).
  • Warranty is instantly void for any products that are fitted to models that are not listed as compatible on our product pages. 
Not covered by this Limited Warranty (Gas Struts):
  • Damage caused by failing to following the installation instructions provided.
  • Damage caused by failing to following the adjustment instructions provided (Adjustable Gas struts only).
  • Damage caused by tooling or marking the piston rod in any way.
  • Damage caused by neglecting to keep the strut away from moisture, dirt and dust.
  • Damage caused by lubricating / greasing / oiling a strut (unless specifically instructed to by someone from Emerald Struts).
  • Damage caused by failing to equally distribute weight between struts.
  • Damage caused by failing to screw end fixings all the way in.
  • Damage caused by gripping, scratching, chipping, bending, wetting, soiling or painting the gas strut.
  • Damage caused by cycling a strut more than 5 times per minute.
  • Damage caused by over-extending or over-compressing a gas strut.
  • Gas struts must be replaced or installed as a pair to prevent voiding of the warranty - this is because the force between a pair of struts must be kept equal to prevent side loading and premature failure of the gas strut.
  • Gas struts may not perform to full operation during cold weather, this is due to temperature drops & loss of pressure within the strut chamber.  
  • Our automatic gas struts may cause the boot harder to close than factory fitted (OEM), this is due to more pressure inside the gas chambers.
How do I claim on my warranty?

If you believe you qualify for a replacement, please contact us here.