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Emerald Struts Window Sticker

Each order comes with 2 x stickers of your choice. 

Step 1
It's very important to make sure that the inside surface of the window is clean and free of dust before trying to apply the sticker. We recommend using just water, but if you use a window cleaning solution, please ensure it has completely dried or evaporated before continuing.         
Step 2
Carefully peel the window sticker from the sheet, trying not to touch the "sticky" surface underneath.
Step 3
Gently stick down one edge of the sticker (such as the right hand side). Run a squeegee (or a credit card wrapped in a paper towel) across the sticker (from right to left in this example) to prevent air from being trapped underneath the sticker.
Step 4
Once the sticker has been applied, check for any air bubbles beneath the vinyl. If air is trapped, use a squeegee (or a credit card wrapped in a paper towel) to push the air to the outside of the sticker. If this doesn't work, carefully remove the sticker and try again from Step 1.
Please satisfy yourself that you are confident of how to apply your sticker on to your chosen surface before attempting application. Emerald Struts Ltd cannot be held responsible for a poor or failed application. Do not attempt to apply the stickers in very cold or very hot temperatures