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Our FAQ page to assist you!                                                                                         

I cannot insert the pin through the metal ball joint?

  • It is best to fit one at a time. Place the top head on first and rotate it round until you can slide the pin through. 
  • Make sure you have installed the head on properly and can hear the strut 'click'.
  • If you loose a pin, contact our customer care team and we will send you out a couple more for free!


Will my boot open automatically all the time?

  • Cold weather reduces the chance of opening, but with our struts we ensure there is enough power to prevent this from happening.
  • If you have a spoiler, the boot will still automatically open. Please refer to the guidance provided on our product pages. 


Are your struts the same as OEM?

  • Emerald Struts are identical to your standard OEM struts. However they come  spring-loaded which enabled them to 'pop' your boot open! 
  • Our struts are also customised in size.


The boot requires more force to close, is this normal and will it cause damage to my boot?

  • Yes, this perfectly normal! The extra pressure is required as a result of the spring in place. Without this, the boot will not 'pop' open. 
  • The pressure required will ease over time, and you will naturally adjust to this without even realising. 
  • No, all struts are designed and tested prior release, to ensure they have enough power to open your boot without causing damage. 

I have installed them, but my boot is not opening?                                

  • Ensure you have installed them as advised by the 'instalment card'. 
  • Ensure no parts have been removed from the strut(s).
  • Ensure each strut is the right measurement for your vehicle. 
  • Ensure that your boot hinges are greased/lubricated.
  • Ensure your bump stops have been turned.

    I cannot insert the strut head onto the ball joint?                         

    • Remove all pins from the metal heads before attempting to install.
    • The strut head must be pushed onto the ball joint and you'll hear a 'click'. 
    • Ensure that your ball joints are clean and free from dirt/debris.                                                                                                                                                                       

    How do I track my order?     

    • On purchasing a product from us, you will have received a confirmation email. 
    • On being shipped, you will then receive a tracking number - emailed to you by us. 
    • You can check your parcel location via the Royal Mail 'trace and trace' facility. This can be accessed via the link on our Menu page.
    • Please note, international orders will take longer to update on their system