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2nd Hand Struts

Emerald Struts - The ones that didn't make the cut. 

Not bothered about appearance? 
Want to save some cash? 

Emerald Struts are working to prevent waste, and instead are trialing a new approach in selling our second-hand items instead of adding them to landfill. 
Let's all work together to save our planet. 

Visit our Ebay page, for all pre-used, returned items at less than 50% retail price. 
Every set has been confirmed to be in working condition. Visible signs of wear & tear. 
We still bag and box every item in original packaging with an installation card. 

All second-hand items sold on this platform will be marked, so they can be tracked and identified as second hand, used goods. This also protects our customers who purchase new items in line with our 12 month warranty. 

We have listed the items at a very low price. Please think twice before returning your item for a refund. We do not offer replacements. Returns are managed through eBay
The item will have signs of viable wear and tear. You should be aware of this before purchasing please. Any returns will be checked, and a refund may not be given if you have merely 'changed your mind'. 


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